Feilding High School is a co-educational high school founded in 1921. Formerly Feilding Agricultural High School, we are a school with strong traditions. We currently educate over 1400 students, 185 of whom board in our hostel, L.J. Wild House. We have a strong academic focus and in recent years our sporting achievements, especially in boys’ and girls’ rugby, have also kept our name in the news.

Originally, the focus of our school was on our two farms and on the education of young men and women with a rural background. Whilst we have retained the farms, our students now move on to succeed in a range of areas. Our special character is exemplified by our School Council which consists of over 50 senior students elected to carry out a wide range of responsible roles, including the disbursement of some $50,000 to our myriad sporting and cultural groups. Currently, 10 of our students are Manawatu District Council Youth Ambassadors.

We are fortunate to have a spacious campus and excellent facilities for our students. Although we are a traditional school we encourage innovation in teaching and learning.

Feilding High School has a proud tradition in Rugby which is stronger now than ever thanks to the input of coaches and managers like the late Mr Rick Francis, Mr Sam Moore, Mr Dan Paki and Mr Braeden Whitelock, along with many others.

FAHS has produced nine All Blacks, four of them in past the 10 years. We also have nine past 1st XV players in the Super Rugby competition, with many others entering ITM Cup squads and provincial academies. FAHS proudly boasts three recent ex-students, Sam Whitelock, Aaron Smith and Luke Whitelock as current All Blacks, not to mention our 2004 1st XV captain George Whitelock, a 2009 All Black. Currently, FAHS have eight boys’ and one girls’ team participating at local, regional and national levels.

Mr Rick Francis was one of the driving forces behind FAHS rugby as a competitive entity. The former hostel manager spent 15 years at FAHS and was coach and mentor to the 1st XV during his time at the school, but died in November 2012. His commitment to sport and excellence will be remembered, along with his quotes.

Dan Paki Medical

Dan is the ultimate rugby stalwart. He coached rugby at FAHS – Feilding High School for many years and since 2002 has been 1st XV Manager, a task which he has fulfilled with dedication and enthusiasm.

Mark McAlley Assistant Coach

Mark started teaching at the school in 2015 and immediately had an involvement with the First XV. Mark played most of his rugby in the Bay of Plenty with a short stint overseas. Mark has a real passion for the game and he always tries to instil this in his players.

Wesley Clarke Head Coach

Wesley Clarke joined Feilding High School and the coaching team in 2016. Welsey’s previous coaching experience includes the Turbos Assistant Coach 2011-2013, Manawatu Womens 7’s coach and Black Ferns assistant coach.

Ian Groube 1st XV Manager

Ian Groube has joined the team this year as Manager. He started teaching and coaching rugby at FAHS in 2008. He has managed and coached rugby through most of the grades. Ian has played for Te Aute College and the Navy.

Tyrone Winterburn Fitness & Conditioning Coach

Tyrone is the fitness and conditioning coach. He started teaching at FAHS this year as a Physical Education teacher. He is the driving force behind the physical condition of the team and has succeeded in developing a strong work ethic amongst the team. Tyrone played First XV Rugby for Wanganui City college.

1st XV Squad 2018

Jack Fleury Prop

Ethan McQuinlan Prop

Tyler Moeau Flanker

David Parker Flanker

Griffin Culver Halfback

Kody Edwards First Five

Shaiden Daniels Second Five

Josiah Maraku Centre

Drew Wild Fullback

2016 National Co-Educational Secondary Schools Champions Hurricanes Co-Educational Secondary Schools Champions * 2015 – CNI Finalists * 2015 – Hurricanes Co-Educational Secondary Schools Champions * 2015 - 3rd Ranked Co-Educational Secondary Schools * 2014 - National Co-Educational Secondary Schools Champions * 2014 - Hurricanes Co-Educational Secondary Schools Champions * 2014 4th in the CNI – Taine Randall Cup * 2014 - Beat Gisborne BHS at Gisborne, Wellington College and New Plymouth BHS * 2013 3rd CNI * 2012 - 4th National Co-Educational Championship Hurricanes Co-Educational Champions, 4th CNI * 2011 – 3rd National Co-Educational Championship * 2010 – 3rd National Co-Educational Championship * 2009 – National Co-Educational Secondary Schools Champions,
Manawatu Sports Team of the Year * *2001-2011Manawatu Secondary School Premier 1 Champions

  • All Blacks – Nelson Ball, Jack Finlay, Richard (Tiny) White, William Stuart Freebairn, Perry Harris, George Whitelock, Samuel Whitelock, Aaron Smith, Luke Whitelock, Codie Taylor
  • NZ Maori – Aaron Smith, Nick Crosswell, Mitchell Crosswell, Codie Taylor
  • Super Rugby – Nick Crosswell, Aaron Smith, Kade Poki, Adam Whitelock, George Whitelock, Samuel Whitelock, Luke Whitelock, Codie Taylor, Adrian Barone, Hamish Northcott
  • All Black 7's – Adam Whitelock
  • ITM Cup – Adrian Barone, Nick Crosswell, Mitchell Crosswell, Aaron Smith, Kade Poki, Adam Whitelock, George Whitelock, Samuel Whitelock, Luke Whitelock, Chris Walker, Codie Taylor, Hamish Northcot, Semisi Masirewa, Ben Edwards, Saul Chase, Daniel Fitzgerald, Gene Ropoama.
  • NZ Age Group Reps Boys – Scott Murphy, Codie Taylor, Hamish Northcott, Doug Horrocks, Adrian Barone, Nick Crosswell, Aaron Smith, Kade Poki, Adam Whitelock, George Whitelock, Samuel Whitelock, Luke Whitelock, Chris Walker, Robert Hickland, Ben Edwards, Keilan Henry, Max Fryatt, Luther Hirini, Vilimoni Koroi, Mosese Dawai
  • NZ Condor 7’s Boys – Daniel Smith, Aaron Smith, Samuel Whitelock, Luke Whitelock, Semisi Masirewa, Vilimoni Koroi, Mosese Dawai

1 Churcher Street
Feilding 4702

+64 6 323 4029
+64 6 323 9359

Teacher in Charge of Rugby
Ian Groube
027 636 8761


Won 73-7v St John’s College
Lost 15-26v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Lost 19-21v St Peter’s School
Won 39-0v Te Aute College
Won 22-0v Wanganui Collegiate School
Won 16-13v Wesley College
Won 55-10v Rathkeale College
Won 53-0v Lindisfarne College
Won 26-13v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Won 30-27v St Paul’s Collegiate School (S/F)
Lost 28-32v Wesley College (Final)


Won 38-0v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Won 13-10v Wanganui Collegiate School
Lost 11-19v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Won 29-10v Lindisfarne College
Won 56-7v Rathkeale College
Won by defaultv St John’s College
Lost 12-17v St Peter’s School
Won 14-7v Wesley College


Won 50-13v St Peter’s School
Won 76-10v St John’s College
Won 95-0v Wanganui Collegiate School
Lost 13-17v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Won 64-12v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Won by defaultv Lindisfarne College
Won 101-0v Rathkeale College
Won 11-10v Lindisfarne College (S/F)
Lost 19-35v St Paul’s Collegiate School (Final)


Won 73-0v Rathkeale College
Won 20-11v St Peter’s School
Lost 17-18v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Lost 12-19v Lindisfarne College
Won 12-11v Wanganui Collegiate School
Lost 13-19v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Won 55-3v St John’s College
Lost 17-34v St Paul’s Collegiate School (S/F)